Purelac Pro Professional Milk Compound With Vegetable Fat

Food Service

Source of fat and non-fat milk solids (protein, carbohydrates and mineral salts). 26% fat. No trans fat.

Practical and versatile. Reduces the cost of revenue. Provides greater performance. Streamlines the production process, optimizing time. Requires less physical space for storage. Standardize recipes. Excellent dairy flavor. Less price/cost fluctuation.

Ideal for:
Drinks (milk shakes, vitamins, latte and chocolate milk). Confectionery (desserts, fillings and sweets). Cooking (sauces and gravies). Ice cream parlor (soft ice cream, popsicles and syrup enrichment). Baking (breads, cakes, pizzas, snacks and creams). Food industry.

Weights: 1kg

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